Time to Lament 

During the spring, our Elders met for extra reflection, discussion and prayer together. One of the themes that emerged was the importance of lament in this season of our lives - both as Christians and simply as those who have gone through the challenges thrown up by the pandemic.

As well as a sermon series on lament, we are committed to embedding the practice in our life as a church and have created this dedicated page to highlight different resources to aid us in expressing our godly grief.

Sermon Series

Jill Jones, 06/06/2021
Lament: Loss
Graham Brownlee, 13/06/2021
Lament: Relationship Breakdown
Nathan Shipley, 20/06/2021
Lament: Climate Change
Joe Walsh, 27/06/2021



Desiring God: Dare To Hope in God - How To Lament Well
Evangelical Alliance: Developing a Theology and Practice of Lament
N.T. Wright Online: Five Things to Know About Lament


Amélie Addison: Conversation In The Valley Of Baca
Jon Swales: Lament for the Pandemic

Songs of Lament

Spoken Word - Lament